The Essence of Maintaining Your Air Handling Units Regularly

18 November 2021

Owners of commercial and industrial buildings must make sure that their operations will be conducted optimally all the time. From their employees down to their equipment pieces, they must ensure that their conditions are optimised in all aspects.

One great way to ensure that both employees and equipment pieces will remain effective is through regulating the condition of the air. Employees can comfortably carry out their tasks if they are working in a cosy environment. Equipment pieces can also operate optimally once their surrounding environment has been adjusted to their optimum operating temperatures.

The regulation of the air can be easily conducted by installing air handling units.

The Key Functions of Air Handling Units

Air handling units are equipment pieces designed to condition the air and circulate it throughout the heating or cooling systems. They are often maximised in factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants as part of their entire heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Depending on their design, some can be installed on these buildings’ rooftops, while others are situated indoors, particularly in utility rooms.

With the presence of air handling units, the quality of the air, as well as its temperature and humidity, are all regulated and controlled depending on the needs of a building.

Air handling units generally maximise ductwork in pushing the air throughout the building. As for the conditioning of the air, they typically utilise filters to clean the air. Their heating exchange coils, alternatively, are meant to regulate the air temperature. A humidifier can also be found in a lot of air handling units, ensuring that the air quality can be improved. Their fans or blowers then function by increasing or decreasing the airflow.

Maintaining Air Handling Units Regularly

Given the vital functions of air handling units, they are advised to be maintained regularly. Through maintaining your air handling units, you can expect a significant decrease in your operating and downtime costs. Maintaining them regularly can also extend their life. Ultimately, maintaining them can make your business thrive as both your employees and equipment pieces can work well.

When maintaining your air handling units, you must first examine their electrical connections, control panel, control setpoints, air dampers, filler sections, heating and cooling coils, drain lines and pans, supply air fans, and fan motors. After inspecting all the essential parts of your air handling units, you must then proceed to the tightening of electrical components, changing of filters, lubricating fan bearings, cleaning the coils, and changing the batteries. Other actions necessary for other parts of your air handling units can also be conducted to ensure that they work all the time.

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