Heavy Equipment Movement: Control Heavy Loads with Chain & Lever Blocks

21 March 2024 Heavy Equipment Movement

Move heavy loads with precision with heavy equipment movement services by Fluid Sealing. Utilise chain and lever blocks to ensure safe and efficient movement.

When conducting heavy equipment movement, businesses can take advantage of chain and lever blocks to make the operation successful. The movement of heavy equipment is a regular yet critical task that is often conducted in industrial operations. Ensuring the safety and efficiency of this operation requires reliable tools, which include chain and lever blocks. They offer precision, strength, and versatility that makes them essential for lifting and positioning heavy machinery and materials.

Maximise Chain and Lever Blocks

Chain and lever blocks are manual lifting devices used to lift, lower, or pull heavy loads. They operate under a simple mechanism that allows for the lifting of heavy items with minimal effort.

Chain blocks, also known as hand chain hosts, take advantage of a chain wrapped around two wheels. When the hand chain is pulled, it turns the wheels and creates the lifting action. It is ideal for vertical lifting over larger distances.

Lever blocks, on the other hand, incorporate a lever and ratchet system to lift or lower loads. They are highly versatile and can be maximised in any orientation, making them suitable for lifting, pulling, or tensioning applications.

Chain and Lever Blocks: Benefits

Using chain and lever blocks for heavy equipment movement can provide tons of benefits to industries. Some of these benefits are as follows.

•  Precision Control: Chain and lever blocks allow for precise control of heavy loads. Their precision ensures that equipment can be placed or moved exactly where needed without the risk of overshooting or mishandling.

•  Enhanced Safety: The manual operation of these tools provides a level of control that minimises the risk of accidents. Additionally, their robust design and build ensure reliability under heavy loads.

•  Portability: Given their relatively compact size and lack of dependence on power sources, chain and lever blocks can be easily transported to and used in remote or confined spaces.

•  Great Versatility: Chain and lever blocks can be used in a variety of settings and orientations. Whether it is lifting equipment vertically or pulling it horizontally, chain and lever blocks can adapt to various operational needs.

Proper Heavy Equipment Movement

Fluid Sealing offers heavy equipment movement with chain and lever blocks. To carry out this service optimally, we ensure to follow numerous things.

First, we inspect the chain and lever blocks for wear and tear and ensure they are in good working condition. Next, we ensure that the load does not exceed the maximum capacity of the lifting and moving tools. Misjudging the weight, after all, will only lead to equipment failure and accidents.

To prolong the life and ensure the reliability of these tools, we maintain them regularly. This includes lubricating moving parts and storing the equipment in a dry, secure place to prevent corrosion. Finally, we subject our operators to proper training to avoid issues during operations. It encompasses the understanding of the mechanisms, capacities, and safety features of chain and lever blocks.

Whether lifting, lowering, or pulling, heavy equipment movement by Fluid Sealing offers a solution that integrates simplicity with powerful performance, ensuring heavy loads are always under control.

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