Primary Benefits of Using Cartridge Mechanical Seals for Your Pumps

01 December 2022

Industrial buildings use a wide range of equipment and devices to carry out their operations successfully. Without the right set of things inside these buildings, it would be difficult for businesses to thrive and succeed in their respective fields.

One of the devices that these buildings often take advantage of is the industrial pump. Industrial pumps intend to move different products like water, chemicals, oil, and sludges to various parts of the site. They allow the said products to reach specific equipment for their further processing. Since these products boast different properties, industrial pumps used by business owners also come in various types to effectively accommodate the products’ qualities.

To make industrial pumps effective, they should be equipped with sealing components. Seals help prevent leakage of fluid and other products from the pump components. With the right sealing products, industrial plant owners can easily attain pumps that can work based on their primary applications and requirements.

An Overview of Mechanical Seals

Pumps may use different types of sealing products to maintain their effectiveness. Industrial plant owners, however, must invest in the right one so that pump performance will be optimised. Some factors that should be considered in choosing the sealing for the pumps are heat, vibration, pressure, and the characteristics of the products being transported.

One type of sealing that is utilised in pumps is the component seal. Component seals have been very popular among industrial plant owners as they are cheap and can work with almost all types of pumping applications. These sealing products require special handling and installation, with their parts installed piece-by-piece. Their spring tension must then be set by a professional to avoid leakage and disassembly of the pumps.

Using Cartridge Mechanical Seals

Cartridge seals are sealing products that can be utilised for larger pumps like vertical turbines and split case pumps. These sealing products may be more expensive than component sealing products, but their associated properties can already justify their high costs. For one, their spring tension has been set already, which minimises the risk of leakage right from the start.

Cartridge mechanical seals, additionally, can be installed easily as their components have been preassembled by the manufacturer. They even come with a retaining device so that the rotating and stationary elements of these seals will remain intact until the seal has been installed. This device can be beneficial for industrial plants in case of an emergency outage or impeller face clearance adjustment as it would be easier to reset the seal tension.

Another great benefit of cartridge seals is they can be replaced without requiring the disassembly of the pumps. The minimal disassembly of the pumps helps industrial plant owners save time and effort during an emergency outage or downtime.

Other benefits of cartridge mechanical seals include reduced instances of axial misplacement, minimised installation costs, deterred entry of dirt, and simplified repairability. Keep in mind, however, that these sealing products may require additional space for their installation.

If you need cartridge mechanical seals for your industrial pumps, do not hesitate to contact us at Fluid Sealing so we can help you throughout the installation process.

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