Conduct Motor Shaft Alignment with Modern Laser Technology

27 September 2021

A lot of industries maximise devices and equipment pieces to effectively carry out their daily operations. Most of these devices and equipment pieces contain a motor, which is a specific component that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

But before motor-equipped devices and equipment pieces can perform their intended functions, the motors, particularly their shaft, must be aligned first. The shaft of the motor is best described as a cylindrical component that is responsible for converting the energy from the motor to the end-use application. Once aligned, devices and equipment pieces are expected to work optimally.

Key Benefits of Motor Shaft Alignment

The alignment of the motor shaft can provide numerous benefits to business owners like you.

For one, motor shaft alignment can ensure that devices and equipment pieces will last for a long time. Since the shaft will be operating appropriately, the components of these things, particularly the seals and bearings, will not obtain extreme force. The wear among these parts can also be reduced once motor shaft alignment is conducted.

The optimum operations of devices and equipment pieces brought by the motor shaft alignment can likewise ensure that they will only consume minimal energy. Expenses for repairs and replacements are then expected to decrease if motor shaft alignment will be done as soon as possible.

Consequences of Motor Misalignment

Without proper motor shaft alignment, you may experience various consequences that can affect your overall operations.

Motor misalignment does not necessarily affect the efficiency of your devices or equipment pieces. It can, however, generate excessive vibration and noise that can be problematic during your daily works. Misalignment of the motor can also yield increases in coupling and bearing temperatures and premature failure of bearings, coupling, and shafts.

As motor misalignment continues, the components of the devices and equipment pieces may eventually overheat and deteriorate, which can then lead to system downtimes and costly repairs.

Shaft Laser Alignment as the Solution

One way to conduct motor shaft alignment is through lasers. Modern laser technology can provide easier and faster operations compared to conventional processes as it does not require complicated calculations and experience. This technology can even compensate for thermal growth automatically and expose a good alignment based on the devices’ or equipment pieces’ tolerances. The conventional ones, alternatively, are often affected by unreliable measurements and slower preparation times.

At Fluid Sealing, we utilise SKF laser shaft alignment tools in aligning pumps and motors, ensuring that they can obtain better performance, lower noise and vibration, longer bearing life, and reduce energy consumption. To find out more about us, you can contact us at Fluid Sealing.

We are equipped with a staff that knows their way around repair solutions. They are knowledgeable and trained to meet your demands and needs in the highest quality possible and at a reasonable cost.

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