5 Signs Your Sewage Pump Requires Urgent Repair

28 June 2022

Buildings cater to a wide array of people throughout their property life. They likewise have to endure different processes and activities conducted inside their premises. The combination of these things would normally generate wastes that must be removed properly.

A sewage pump, therefore, is needed to transport sewage solids and liquids from specific areas of properties to another area. This pump is often needed at properties whenever rooms that contain plumbing fixtures are found below the level of the septic line or the main sewer. When a sewage pump is inspected regularly, it is expected to function appropriately throughout its service life. It can also work effectively if grease, fats, and oils are not discarded into the drain.

If your sewage pump and other plumbing system components, however, manifest the following signs, it may require urgent servicing and repair.

  1. Failure to Start Entirely

One of the most prominent signs that your sewage pump requires servicing is it is not operating or starting at all. Manufacturers ensure that their sewage pump offerings will be able to last for years. After all, they are mostly made from materials and components that are designed by brilliant engineers. But if your pump will not start after multiple tries, its components may have already deteriorated due to improper usage. Your pump also requires servicing if it starts very slowly.

  1. Presence of Dirty Water 

Sewage pumps, as previously stated, are meant to remove sewage or dirty water from your property. But if you notice some dirty water running into your property system, it may be a clear sign that your sewage pump does not operate as intended. Failure to remove sewage water from your system does not only affect the operations of your building but can also harm the health of everyone who is inside your property. It can likewise affect the functions of other plumbing system components.

  1. Leaking Sewage Odour

Somehow related to the previous sign, your sewage pump requires immediate repair and servicing if it emits a sewage odour. A sewage pump that has already failed in pumping waste to the main sewer line will only force some sewage water to be stuck within some parts of the plumbing system. The water may then clog or even back up into the property, releasing odour that can affect you and others negatively.

  1. Pump Cycles Irregularly

The sewage pump of your property cycles whenever waste is pumped into the sewer line. It will then turn off whenever this process has been completed. If your sewage pump, unfortunately, is always pumping or cycling on more frequently, it only means that it already requires immediate servicing and repair.

  1. Emitting Bizarre Sounds

A sewage pump is supposed to generate default operating sounds while removing wastewater from your property. Now, if you and others constantly hear bizarre sounds from your sewage pump and your plumbing system, it may signify that its components have attained some damage. Calling a professional to service the affected components may eradicate unusual loud noises.

If your sewage pump has these signs, you may want to have it serviced at Fluid Sealing. We have the knowledge and technical expertise to deliver the best possible services for the repair, maintenance, and installation of pumps.

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