5 Primary Services offered by Fluid Sealing

05 November 2021

Generally, commercial and industrial buildings may function differently based on their intended purposes. However, both types of buildings possess the same systems that make them efficient. These systems are heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and water.

HVAC systems are vital to these properties since they ensure that their work environment will retain comfortable temperatures and air quality throughout their operations. Water systems, alternatively, must be maintained optimally to ensure proper flow and management of both wastewater and potable water. To ensure that these systems are optimised fully, you may want to contact us at Fluid Sealing.

With over three decades of experience in the industry, we have continuously expanded to offer a wide range of mechanical services and product supplies for industries that fully utilise the HVAC and water systems. Some of the primary services we offer to commercial and industrial buildings are as follows:

  1. Vital Pump Services

Somevital pump services that we offer to the owners of commercial and industrial buildings include the supply, installation, overhaul, and repair of different pumping equipment brands and types. The supply and installation of various pump equipment pieces allow commercial and industrial building owners to have systems that are new and functional. The overhaul and repair of the pumps, on the other hand, make sure that their systems will remain functional, efficient, and long-lasting.

  1. Parts Replacement

Another primary service that we, at Fluid Sealing, offer is the replacement of system parts and components. Our team is fully equipped with tools and products that can help in replacing electric motors, bearings, pulleys, and belts. We even replace key components of cooling towers such as main fan shaft bearings, fans, and motor bearings. We likewise employ laser technology to effectively align belts and pulleys, making sure that they work optimally without expecting any issues.

  1. Shaft Laser Alignment

Shaft laser alignment is the process of aligning the components of pumps and motors for them to achieve lower noise and vibration, better performance, longer bearing life, and minimal power consumption. Through the right SKF’s alignment tools, we can effectively conduct shaft laser alignment so that shafts, belt drives, and chain drives will remain optimised.

  1. Maintenance of Pits

Stormwater, grease, and sewerage pits are significant to commercial and industrial buildings as they help in maintaining the cleanliness of their spaces. By storing wastewater and sending them to the intended sanitation site or other similar places, these pits must be maintained for them to function optimally. Fortunately, we, at Fluid Sealing, are fully kitted with confined space equipment and experienced technicians, making sure that all maintenance and repair needs will be provided.

  1. Ceramic Resurfacing

Pumps and other associated components may corrode once they have been exposed to corrosive elements. They may likewise corrode if they have collided with other materials. And so, to protect them from corrosion, our team of experts can conduct ceramic resurfacing services, which aim to protect the internals of the pumps and increase their overall service life.

To know more about our services, feel free to contact us at Fluid Sealing. Through our services, we can ensure that we can improve the reliability of your system, minimise downtime, maximise product life, reduce energy consumption, and bring peace of mind.

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