4 Notable Steps to Proper Cooling Tower Cleaning and Maintenance

25 January 2022

Many devices are being maximised by property owners today to ensure that their respective properties can operate effectively. One of these devices is the cooling tower.

A cooling tower is a heat removal device that maximises water in transferring process waste heat into the surroundings. Basically, this device removes heat from water by evaporating a portion of recirculated water through the unit. As the warm water and cool air mixes, it subsequently releases latent heat of vaporisation, which can then decrease the temperature of the water. With the existence of a cooling tower, properties are expected to have a much cooler environment.

But before they can cool a property, cooling towers should be cleaned and maintained first. Here are some notable steps in cleaning and maintaining cooling towers.

  1. Eliminate Scale Deposits

One step that must be done to keep the cooling towers clean is to eliminate scale deposits. Scale deposits are prominent with cooling towers since they often carry out the evaporation process. And depending on the minerals found in water, some of them tend to accumulate in key places of the cooling towers and subsequently affect their efficiency and performance. Without removing the scale deposits for a long time, they can end up damaging the components of the cooling towers.

  1. Maintain Proper Air Flow

Another step that must be done to maintain the performance of cooling towers is to maintain proper airflow. The efficiency of the cooling towers heavily depends on the performance of the fans. If some of these fans have become too loose or have been misaligned, they can easily affect the overall airflow of the cooling towers. Ultimately, they will not be able to cool the properties properly. When maintaining proper airflow, one must check the conditions of the fans, gearbox, and other cooling tower parts.

  1. Tidy Up the Chiller Tubes

Just like other parts of the cooling towers, their chiller tubes must also be maintained and cleaned thoroughly to ensure that the whole cooling solution can perform effectively. Chiller tubes, after all, can be bombarded with algae, mud, scale, and slime if they are not checked and cleaned regularly. As these elements contaminate the chiller tubes, the latter may be partially or fully clogged in the long run, which can affect the whole efficiency and performance of the cooling towers.

  1. Treat the Water Properly

One more thing that one can do to effectively clean and maintain the cooling towers is to treat the water properly. The quality of the water plays a significant part in the functionality of cooling towers since water is being utilised by their components all the time. If the water is comprised of a lot of scales and other elements, it will only promote system issues to the cooling towers. Subjecting the water to various water treatments can ensure that cooling towers will work perfectly all the time.

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