The Essence of Cleaning and Maintaining Your Sewage and Stormwater Pits

07 November 2022

Commercial and industrial buildings have to integrate special pathways for sewage and stormwater to let them pass through and be transported out of their vicinity. These pathways, which are normally paired with pumps, ensure that these waters can be sent to a sewage treatment plant. Some places, however, transport the sewage separately in sanitary sewers.

No matter where they are transported, it is important for both water types to be eliminated from these buildings. Without optimising their flow, they may only accumulate tremendously until they start to damage the foundation and other parts of the properties. They might likewise cause the release of foul odours on the surroundings, affecting not only the spaces inside these buildings but also the neighbouring buildings.

Primary Purpose of Sewage and Stormwater Pits

If you are managing a commercial or industrial building, you may already know the transport process of sewage and stormwater. And before these waters are transferred to treatment plants, most of them end up in pits first. Sewage and stormwater pits are intended to collect and store the said waters for a short time. The containment of the waters is necessary so they can pass through drainage pipes at a rate like the flow of water.

These pits are then equipped with outlets for drainage pipes. They are likewise paired with a filtration system so they can stay unclogged. Provisions for drainage pipe attachments are also available so that these pits can stay functional.

Leaving Sewage and Stormwater Pits Uncleaned

Now, as time passes, the sewage and stormwater pits of your property may be clogged. Without cleaning and maintaining them, they might gradually produce a bad odour, which can affect the operations of your property. Failure to clean and maintain them can also lead to pump failure. Sewage back-up and downtimes may likewise happen on your property if you intend to skip and ignore the need for cleaning and maintenance.

Ultimately, flooding may happen within the vicinity of your property, which may cause damage to your beloved assets. It may even cause damage to your foundations, especially if the sewage and stormwater managed to infiltrate the core structure of your property.

Proper Cleaning of Sewage and Stormwater Pits

One way to clean sewage and stormwater pits is through high-pressure flushing or hydro-jetting. This cleaning method can effectively remove hardened sludge, sewage, grease, and other materials that may clog the pits. Vacuum removal can also be used to eradicate elements that may affect the functionality of the pits and their pumping systems. Of course, maintaining the sump pump is also essential to make sure that it can work and operate all the time.

To make sure that your sewage and stormwater pits will be cleaned and maintained, you must rely on professionals. Professionals have all the tools needed to clean and remove any element that may clog your pits. They also have all the knowledge needed to maintain your pumps. They may even provide recommendations to retain or even prolong their service life.

If you need some help with cleaning your sewage and stormwater pits, you can contact us at Fluid Sealing. We are fully kitted with confined space equipment and experienced, qualified technicians to safely maintain and repair all types of pits with pumping systems.

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