Pump Overhaul and Maintenance: How to Extend the Operational Life of Your Pumps

07 March 2023

Industries often maximise a vast range of components, equipment pieces, and others. One of these things that they utilise is pumps.

Pumps, in general, rely on hydraulic energy to move fluids, gases, slurries, and others on pipelines, hoses, and others through mechanical means. They can likewise generate pressure by creating suction or partial vacuum, allowing elements to rise to a higher elevation. But while pumps can often carry these things out optimally, they might become inefficient in the long run, especially if they have not been maintained optimally.

Failure to inspect and maintain pumps can shorten their operational life. If you are currently maximising pumps for your business, here are some things you need to do to effectively extend their overall operational life.

Clean the Pumps Regularly

One thing that can help extend the operational life of your pumps is to clean them regularly. Cleaning your pump components accordingly can prevent them from wearing out due to accumulated dirty elements. You may want to consult the recommendations of the pump manufacturers regarding the proper cleaning procedures. But most of the time, cleaning can be done by scraping off scales and rust, cleaning dirt on joint surfaces, cleaning the water seal tube, washing bearings, and removing grease.

Choosing the Right Seals

The existing sealing components of your industrial pumps may already help contain the elements. However, you may want to replace them with seals that are much more effective for your intended applications. When considering your next sealing components, you may want to make sure that they can keep up with the chemicals and temperatures involved in your work. You must also choose sealing materials that can match the elements of your pump’s process.

Ensure Proper Alignment

Another thing you can do to extend the life of your pumps is to ensure their components are aligned properly. Proper alignment of pump shafts is necessary so they can be efficient, especially when it comes to consuming energy. Without proper alignment, their power consumption may increase significantly. Misalignment can likewise lead to excessive vibration, which can later create problems for other pump components. Calling for professional help can be a good way to have your pump components realigned.

Monitor Wear and Vibrations

The shafts of your pumps are intended to transfer torque to the impeller. And as mentioned earlier, they should be aligned within the running clearances. Cleaning the shafts regularly, unfortunately, can wear down their material over time. Additionally, the shaft wear can generate too much clearance between the shaft and the bearing. Ultimately, the pumps may experience excessive vibration, wearing their components significantly. Monitoring their wear and vibration levels allows you to have them serviced whenever they manifest irregularities.

Add Protective Coating

The efficiency and longevity of your pumps, ultimately, can be enhanced by adding abrasion-resistant coatings to the components. These coatings are known to add optimal protection to pump components against rust, water, and other damaging elements. You can ask a professional to help you find the best coating for your pumps.

If you need help with pump maintenance and overhaul, you can contact us at Fluid Sealing.

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