Air Handling Unit Overhaul: The Essence of On-Site Bearing Replacement

05 October 2023

air handling unit overhaul

Discover the essence of on-site bearing replacement during an air handling unit overhaul. Offered by Fluid Sealing, ensure system efficiency. Call 03 9793 2644.

Air handling units or AHUs are crucial equipment pieces in commercial and industrial buildings that aim to maintain indoor air quality and comfort. But since these HVAC systems are subjected to continuous operations, their components may wear out over time, leading to reduced performance and potential breakdowns. One of the components of AHUs that may deteriorate after years of operations is the bearing.

To ensure optimal performance and prevent costly downtime, on-site bearing replacement must be done during AHU maintenance and overhaul. Neglecting worn-out bearings, after all, may lead to significant operational issues like increased energy consumption, compromised air circulation, and unexpected complete system shutdowns.

Benefits of On-Site Bearing Replacement

On-site bearing replacement during air handling unit overhaul can provide tons of benefits to owners or managers of commercial and industrial buildings. Some of them include:

• Enhance Unit Performance: AHUs with properly functioning bearings operate more efficiently, ensuring a continuous and consistent supply of conditioned air. On-site bearing replacement can restore the smooth rotation of fans and other moving parts, optimising airflow and temperature control throughout the facility. Improved performance can also directly translate to boosted indoor comfort and a healthier work environment for occupants.

• Prevent Breakdowns: Scheduling regular bearing replacement as part of AHU overhaul helps identify and address potential problems before they turn into major breakdowns. Timely intervention minimises the risk of sudden failures, mitigating the need for costly emergency repairs and prolonged system downtime. This proactive approach to maintenance can highly reduce the overall lifetime cost of AHUs.

• Extend Unit Lifespan: Addressing worn bearings promptly allows facility managers to extend the lifespan of AHUs. Regular on-site bearing replacement, combined with other comprehensive maintenance practices, can help AHUs operate optimally for many years, delaying the need for complete replacement. Extending equipment life is not only economically beneficial but can also align with sustainability goals by reducing waste.

Conducting On-Site Bearing Replacement

All benefits of on-site bearing replacement, however, can only be attained once skilled technicians have been hired. It should only be performed by skilled technicians with experience in AHU maintenance since they have the expertise to diagnose bearing issues accurately, select the right replacement bearings, and carry out replacement efficiently and safely. Partnering with professionals ensures that the AHU overhaul is done to the highest industry standards, which guarantees reliable and long-lasting results.

On-site bearing replacement is a critical component of air handling unit overhaul, providing numerous benefits for HVAC systems in commercial and industrial settings. Timely bearing replacement enhances AHU performance, prevents breakdowns, and extends unit lifespan.

Prioritising regular maintenance and bearing replacement can help facility owners and managers ensure that their air handling units operate efficiently and reliably, maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment for occupants while improving the overall operational costs of HVAC systems. As long as professionals like us at Fluid Sealing are hired, you can be assured of reliable and long-lasting AHUs.

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