Why Should You Acquire Heavy Equipment Movement Services from Fluid Sealing?

10 May 2022

Manufacturing plants and industrial buildings are often filled with different equipment pieces so they can carry out a wide array of processes. Some of these things are meant to alter the dimensions and specifications of materials, while others are intended to pack, store, and transport finished products.

Most equipment pieces and machines inside these properties are installed in just one place. But as time passes, they might need to be relocated to another place due to various reasons. One possible reason would be the integration of new tools and devices. Another potential reason is the renovation or expansion of the building.

The weight of these things can be heavy. Without the right heavy lifting and movement equipment tools, property owners would not be able to move their machines effectively. Fortunately, we, at Fluid Sealing, offer heavy equipment movement services that can benefit business owners like you.

Decades of Experience

One great reason why hiring us can be beneficial for your business is that we already have decades of experience in the industry. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have continuously expanded to cater to the needs of business owners like you. We now offer a wide range of mechanical services and product supplies in the water movement and HVAC industries.

We are likewise equipped with a team of experts who know their way around heavy equipment movement as well as pump sizing, selection, and repair solutions, replacement of electrical motors and cooling tower components, pumping system repairs, and so on. They are all knowledgeable and trained to meet your needs and demands in the highest quality possible at a reasonable cost.

Available Lifting Tools

As mentioned earlier, we have all the experts you need in conducting heavy equipment movement services. But apart from our team of professionals, we also utilise a range of heavy lifting and movement equipment pieces that can help carry out these services. Some of them are as follows:

  • Electric Stair Climbers– Some equipment and machines in your building can only be moved through the stairs. Hence, we invested in durable electric stair climbers as they can effectively support most loads without any issues. The reliable lifting power of these machines allows them to move your heavy machines and equipment pieces from one step to another in a very short time.
  • Ute Cranes – Another lifting equipment that you can maximise from us is a ute crane. Ute cranes are cranes that are normally loaded in trailers, trucks, and utes. However, they can also be bolted into the concrete floor in your property, helping you lift and move heavy loads across your property.
  • Chain and Lever Blocks– Chain and lever blocks are tools that can also help you fulfil heavy-duty lifting and material handling operations. What is great about lever hoists is they can lift and pull loads in most positions. Chain blocks, alternatively, can only be utilised for lifting load vertically.

To know more about our heavy equipment movement services, you can call us at Fluid Sealing.

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