The Essence of Refurbishing Your Air Handling Units

07 April 2022

The indoor air quality of your building is often processed and altered by the components of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Some of its components may increase the temperature of the air, while others tend to make the air cooler.

But to ensure that the air can be transported to various areas of your property, you must maximise air handling units (AHUs). AHUs are devices that can regulate and circulate the indoor air to various parts of your building through its ductwork. Some components of AHUs that make these functions possible are blower, heating or cooling elements, sound attenuators, filter racks or chambers, and dampers.

Since AHUs work almost all the time, their components can certainly wear out due to repetitive use. You may have the option to replace the entire AHUs, but it would be more practical for you to just refurbish AHUs that are still effective and functional.

Benefits of Refurbishing Your AHUs

Refurbishing your AHUs can grant you tons of benefits. Some of these benefits are the following.

  • Save Money: One of the benefits of refurbishing your AHUs is they can save you some money. The cost of buying new AHUs can be 35 to 50% more expensive than the cost of refurbishing your existing units. And even if a lot of your AHU components are up for refurbishment, you can still expect significant savings over purchasing new units.
  • Obtain Upgrades: AHU refurbishment does not only grant you savings, but it can also help you obtain units with notable upgrades. Refurbishing your AHUs allow you to modify their components, improving your energy savings, filtration functionality, and heat recovery. Once your components become more efficient, you can expect significant savings when operating them.
  • Fewer Downtimes: The dismantling of old AHUs and the installation of the new ones can be time-consuming. And if these activities cannot be completed before the working hours, you do not have a choice but to delay your operations for a little while. This disruption can be a significant inconvenience for your business as it can cost you some revenues.

Refurbishing Key AHU Components

There are various components of your AHUs that can be refurbished.

  • Heating and Cooling Coils: Heating and cooling coils are necessary to effectively alter the temperature and pressure of the coolant gas or liquid. Replacing them ensures that the heating and cooling functions of AHUs can be retained optimally.
  • Dampers: Dampers, alternatively, are utilised in controlling the entry of outdoor air, exhausted air from the system, and return air from your property. Replacing them can help avoid the deterioration of your AHUs.
  • Filter Racks: Filter racks are often fitted on AHUs so that the air can be free from impurities. Refurbishing them with energy-efficient filters can ensure that no unfiltered air can pass through.
  • Fans: Fans, ultimately, can be refurbished to ensure that the flow of the air can be regulated effectively. Opting for new fans can grant you energy savings of up to 20%.

If you want to have your AHUs refurbished, you can call us at Fluid Sealing.

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