Shaft Laser Alignment: The Significance of Aligning Your Pumps and Motors Perfectly

06 January 2022

Many machines these days maximise pumps and motors to carry out their core movement and functions. Pumps help the machines push a specific type of liquid from low-level pressure to a high one, while motors are intended to convert mechanical energy into electrical.

But before pumps and motors can generate motion, they must utilise a shaft first.

A shaft is a rotating machine component that can transmit power from one place to another. Without this component, pumps and motors will not be able to work optimally.

The Effects of Poor Shaft Alignment

To ensure that your pumps and motors will be working optimally, you must have your shaft aligned perfectly. You see, shafts must be aligned well so that pumps and motors can carry out their processes. Without proper shaft alignment, various issues can easily occur during your machine operations.

One of the issues that can occur with misaligned shafts is the existence of excessive vibrations during machine operations. Another issue would be the inefficiency in transmitting enough fluid or power from the pump or motor to the machine. High loads on mechanical seals, couplings, and bearings may also be expected with misaligned shafts.

Ignoring misaligned shafts for a longer time will then impact the operating life of the machines, which could yield loss in production processes, generate repair and upkeep expenses, and produce low-quality products. Proper shaft misalignment, therefore, should never be overlooked.

Shaft Laser Alignment is Necessary

One way to align the shafts of your pumps and motors is through a laser alignment tool.

A laser alignment tool is designed to align shafts precisely with the help of its sensors, brackets, rods, chains, and display unit. Both the stationary and movable sensors of this tool are mounted on the shaft, flywheel, brake disc, or coupling hub. The brackets, alternatively, are the ones that place the sensors on the machine. The rods are then utilised to align the shafts with large couplings, while the chains secure the sensors to the shaft. Ultimately, the display unit showcases all the real-time alignment data that is obtained from the laser alignment tool.

What is great about aligning the shafts with a laser alignment tool is that it can work faster compared to the traditional alignment tools. The former can even be easier to set up than its conventional counterparts. The output of shaft alignment can also be regulated more effectively with laser technology.

Notable Benefits of Shaft Alignment

Once the shafts of your pumps and motors are aligned perfectly with the laser tool, you can expect them to gain notable benefits during their operations.

First, your machines will be more productive than ever before. The service life of your machine components is likewise known to increase significantly with shaft alignment. The chances of encountering overheating problems, serious breakdowns, excessive lubricant use, loud noise, and leakage are also expected to drop significantly. Lastly, you can easily acquire a lot of savings in terms of using, servicing, and maintaining your machines.

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