Safe Movement of Heavy Loads with Ute Cranes

25 March 2022

Contractors would often require the right equipment in lifting and moving heavy loads across their project sites. And one piece of equipment that can be effective in doing these things is the crane.

A crane has components that can lift, move, and lower heavy loads from one place to another. Some components that conduct these works are the jib, wire rope and sheaves, hoist, and hook. These parts are often attached to a boom that can be situated right on top of a platform. Some cranes are installed on the ground, while others move through tracks or wheels.

Cranes that move through tracks or wheels are known as mobile cranes. And one type of mobile crane that has been effective in moving heavy loads is the ute crane.

An Overview of Ute Cranes

Ute cranes feature crane components on the back of a utility vehicle or ute. Since their components are powered by hydraulics, they can be very effective in performing lifting tasks. Throughout their existence, ute cranes have been very useful for moving construction equipment, agricultural products, and others that require movement across a project site.

What makes ute cranes different from mobile cranes is they do not utilise a cab. Instead, operators are given a remote control so they can dictate the movement of the crane parts. The absence of a cab makes the ute cranes lighter and easier to manoeuvre.

The effectiveness of ute cranes can be preserved as long as they are fitted correctly on the back of the ute. Maintenance is also a key to ensuring the longevity of the crane parts and the accompanying ute.

Ute Cranes Major Benefits

Ute cranes offer many benefits to projects that require the safe movement of heavy loads.

One of the benefits of ute cranes is they can provide space to the utility vehicle whenever necessary. Ute crane components can be detached from the ute. So, once they are no longer needed, they can be removed from the ute. The ute can then be used for other purposes such as storage of products or moving heavy tools to specific site areas.

Another great benefit of ute cranes is they can preserve the quality of the crane components. The ease of installing and removing crane components to and from the ute can help protect them from damaging elements such as moisture and heat. As soon as the crane components are removed, they can be stored safely until they are needed again.

One more benefit of ute cranes is they are flexible. Some loads can be too heavy for several cranes. Fortunately, the crane components on the back of the ute can be repositioned so they can handle heavy loads. The ute itself can even be moved to ensure easy access to heavy loads.

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