Prolong the Service Life of Pumps with SKF Laser Shaft Alignment Tools

07 February 2023

Many industries take advantage of various types of pumps to carry out their primary operations. Some use pumps for irrigation purposes, while others utilise them to supply water, gasoline, and other media. Pumps can also be maximised for refrigeration, chemical movement, sewage movement, flood control, air conditioning systems, and many more.

Most of these operations have to be conducted almost all the time. Hence, pumps are expected to move repeatedly. And with continuous movement, their components may generate problems that need to be resolved as soon as possible.

One of the issues that pumps may encounter during their operations is shaft misalignment. Pump shaft misalignment normally occurs whenever one shaft or surface has moved or deviated from its intended position. Misalignments can occur in the entire or partial sections of the pumps, which can subsequently cause them to break or crack.

Benefits of Correctly Aligned Shafts

Shafts serve as the central component of pumps since they carry the impellers, the shaft sleeves, the bearings, discs, and other important elements of the said devices. Hence, with correctly aligned shafts, industries can conveniently gain tons of benefits.

One of the benefits of correctly aligned shafts is they can service tons of machines during industrial operations. Correctly aligned shafts mean that the pumps will be working optimally. And since they are connected to machines, industries can expect their whole production or processes to be carried out optimally.

Shafts that are correctly aligned can also help increase the service life of bearings and seals. They can even minimise leakage, risk of overheating, lubricant consumption, vibration, noise level, and serious breakdowns. Ultimately, correctly aligned shafts can generate great savings since parts are protected from getting damaged and consuming too much energy.

Utilising SKF Laser Shaft Alignment

If you are currently maximising pumps for your industrial applications, you must carry out laser shaft alignment for your pumps. Laser technology is often preferred by many industries today as it is faster and easier to use than dial gauges or rules, which are the traditional ways of aligning shafts. Dial gauges require complicated calculations before they can re-align the shafts. Laser, alternatively, already compensates for thermal growth. It also indicates a good alignment right away, which minimises the time needed to set up and finish everything. It is not even affected by light conditions, making it a great alignment method for pumps in any environment.

The accuracy of the alignment often depends on the specifications of the shaft and other related components. Once the machine rotates at the correct speed and temperature, you must ensure that it will be still aligned optimally. If not, seals, bearings, and other components will wear out.

One great source of laser shaft misalignment tools that you can maximise comes from SKF. The company offers belt and shaft misalignment tools. It even has adjustable chocks and machinery shims, ensuring that machinery breakdowns and unplanned stops will be reduced.

To get rid of shaft misalignment in your operations, you should contact us at Fluid Sealing.

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