Primary Features and Applications of Gland Packing

23 March 2023

Industries use pumps to carry out different functions. Some would use these equipment pieces for refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Others, alternatively, maximise pumps for irrigation, water supply, sewage movement, and flood control.

But before they can be maximised at their full potential, they should be managed optimally first. Proper management is necessary for pumps since they often maximise moving components. And as pump components move, some of them may wear out faster than others. Managing their operations, luckily, can ensure that the components will be serviced accordingly.

Sealing Can Optimise Pump Operations

One part of proper pump management that industries should carry out is sealing.

Sealing can help the pump prevent fluid loss. Once integrated with proper sealing, the pumps’ rotating shaft can enter their wet area without letting pressurised fluid escape. To date, two types of sealing can be maximised for pumps.

One of these types is mechanical seals. Mechanical seals are normally utilised in pumps where leakage needs to be avoided. They can work well with pumps that process hazardous liquid as they tend to be durable. They can likewise withstand abrasive fluids. When using these seals, they are expected to eliminate all potential leakage points. They are even expected to last for a long time. The only downside of these seals is they can be costly.

Gland Packing is a Reliable Alternative

Another type of pump sealing that industries can utilise is gland packing. Gland packing has been around for a long time now. And with its low upfront cost, almost all industries that want to save some money can already use gland packing to seal their pumps.

The effectiveness of gland packing in sealing pump components lies in its primary composition. It is often made from braided rope-like materials that are often wrapped around the pump shaft. Once installed, gland packing can fill the space between pump components and prevent fluid loss around them. The straightforward installation of gland packing makes it a go-to option for many industries, particularly in mining and ore processing.

Gland packing, however, can be costly in the long run as it requires regular replacement. It can also wear out faster than other sealing elements, which can lead to frequent repairs and servicing. Fortunately, advanced lubricants and new braiding technology have helped improve the longevity and reliability of gland packing.

Primary Applications of Gland Packing

All the qualities of gland packing make it useful in a lot of applications. Some notable applications of gland packing include tank hatch cover sealing and manhole cover sealing. It can also be used to reduce leakage along the stem in ball valves, gate valves, and globe valves. It can likewise be utilised for reducing leakage of the working fluid in centrifugal pumps, screw and gear pumps, and reciprocating pumps. Even the propeller shaft sealing in lifeboats and old-generation merchant ships can take advantage of gland packing.

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