Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your Air Handling Units

25 May 2022

Commercial and industrial buildings should always maximise systems that can regulate their ventilation. Optimal ventilation is essential to these properties since it gets rid of indoor pollutants and moisture. It can also help in removing odours that may be harmful to people.

A wide array of components can be maximised in regulating ventilation. One of these components is the air handling units. Air handling units are components that can be often found in building roofs. With the help of ducts, they can effectively circulate well-ventilated and filtered air across rooms and spaces. They can also help in monitoring relative humidity and controlling air temperature.

The effectiveness of air handling units can be maximised if their parts are maintained effectively. If you own these units, here are some preventative maintenance tips that you can carry out for their parts.

General Assembly

The assembly of your air handling units must be maintained regularly to ensure that they remain intact and operational. When maintaining their general assembly, you must first switch off their main supply. Afterwards, you must verify the condition of all nuts and bolts of your supply air filter plenum. Once gaps have been found, you must tighten the bolts. You may likewise have to replace the gaskets when necessary. Other things that you should check are the duct joint of the supply, exhaust duct, door lock and handle, door gasket, duct joint, and canvas connection of blower suction and discharge.

Electrical Components

Air handling units can only run optimally if they provide with stable electric supply. Of course, they cannot still run effectively if their electrical components have already attained some damage.

To ensure that they work optimally, you must open their panel and clean them properly. You must also tighten all electrical connections that are already loose. You must likewise clean the contacts of the contactor, verify the relay setting of the machine motor, and dress the conduits and cables in the panel. Once you have conducted these maintenance tips, you must switch on the main supply so you can check if the sensors of your air handling units are working or not.

Cooling Coil

The cooling coil of your air handling units is intended to cool the air being transported into your property. Maintaining this part grants you the needed cooling for your building areas.

The maintenance of your cooling coil can be started once you switch off the main supply. Afterwards, you must open the doors where your unit’s cooling coil section can be found. You must then clean the surfaces of the cooling coil with a dry cloth. The inner surfaces of the fins, alternatively, must be washed with water. The drain and the inner surfaces of your units must also be cleaned with the same cloth.


The blower of your air handling units must also be maintained to keep them functional. When maintaining this part, you must remove the pulleys from their initial position. They must then be checked for any damages or issues. Aside from the pulleys, you must also check the condition of the bearings, belts, and other related components. The bearings must also be lubricated to keep them working.

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