All the Effects of Skipping Sewerage Pits Maintenance

24 February 2022

Buildings and structures will never be complete without the existence of sewerage pits.

Sewerage pits are designed to collect sewage and other waste products for a specific amount of time. They are lined with porous materials so their foundation can be supported, preventing any instances of collapse and other damaging effects. Pumps are also present on these pits to effectively transfer the collected sewage from one area to another, usually from properties to a public sewer system.

Ideally, sewerage pits avoid the accumulation of waste materials inside the buildings and structures. However, they may be hindered from doing their jobs once they are not maintained regularly. Without regular maintenance, sewerage pits may convey the following effects.

Sewage Pump Failure

One of the effects of skipping sewerage pits maintenance is the failure of the sewage pump. Sewage pumps move all waste materials from the property to their intended destination. Normally, the waste materials are transferred to the city sewage system so they can be processed or discarded properly. Now, if the sewerage pits are not maintained optimally, the sewage pump might gradually fail. Once the sewage pump fails, the sewerage pits are expected to be bombarded with waste materials.

Bad Odour Emission

Another effect of poor sewerage pits maintenance is the emission of bad odour. Waste materials inside a building can accumulate very quickly, especially if the property houses a lot of people. Without regular upkeep of sewerage pits, their pumps might not be able to transfer the materials on time. The continuous build-up of waste materials on the pits will then lead to the emission of bad odour, affecting the overall productivity and health of the people inside the building.

Property Downtime

Poor sewerage pits maintenance does not only lead to pump failure and bad odour, but it can also lead to the total downtime of the property. Sewerage pits are vital to any type of building and structure as they help in discarding waste materials that are hazardous to one’s health. If these pits do not function optimally, they could then affect the property, leading to unexpected downtimes. The only way to make the properties operational again is to have the sewerage pits checked and maintained.

Influence Sump Pits

Buildings and structures do not only utilise sewerage pits, but they also maximise sump pits. Sump pits are intended to accumulate stormwater or groundwater to ensure that flooding can be prevented. Failure to maintain the sewerage pits, however, can also influence the functions of sump pits, particularly on their pumps. Without upkeep, sump pits might eventually lead to the flooding of the property. Worse, the pumps might get damaged and destroyed in the long run.

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