4 Signs Your Air Handling Units Require Urgent Servicing

11 October 2022

Industrial and commercial buildings use heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system units to effectively regulate the air temperature of their workspaces. These units can also help process and distribute the air optimally, preventing people inside these buildings from getting sick or feeling weak and unproductive.

But to keep HVAC systems functional, their system components must be connected to air handling units. Air handling units are enclosures that are designed to distribute conditioned air throughout property rooms and spaces. With optimal inspection, cleaning, and maintenance, air handling units are expected to work for a long time. The lack of these things, alternatively, will only lead to their early deterioration and quick decline.

If you notice the following things inside your building, you may want to have your air handling units serviced by professionals right away.

1. Poor Air Circulation

The air handling units of your property should be able to effectively distribute the air from your HVAC system to your rooms and spaces optimally. Once you notice fluctuating temperatures inside your property, your air handling units may have already attained some issues. If the ductwork has some leaks, your air handling units will not be able to circulate the air inside the property optimally. They may also fail to circulate the air if their dampers malfunction. Having them serviced or even replaced by experts can help resolve this specific issue easily.

2. Polluted Indoor Air

The existence of polluted air inside your property will only prevent you and others from working optimally since you might get sick after being exposed to the said air for too long. Stale air may also affect the productiveness of anyone inside the property. It may even affect the operations of the tools and machines being maximised by employees. Without optimal filtration from air handling units, the polluted air inside your property will only affect your operations negatively. Worse, people inside may start to get sick, hindering you from operating fully.

3. High Energy Costs

Another sign your air handling units must be serviced by professionals is the sudden rise in your energy bills. HVAC system components already consume tons of energy as they are needed to keep the property comfortable for workers and other people inside. But if your energy bills increase drastically over the past few months, you may want to have your air handling units repaired or even replaced. The rise in your energy consumption may be due to damaged air handling units, which prevent them from providing the needed air inside your property.

4. Non-existent Airflow

One more sign your air handling units require urgent servicing from technicians is the absence of proper airflow. The blower or fan inside these units intends to transfer the conditioner air from HVAC system units to the rooms and spaces inside your property. Now, if your property does not receive any air, you might have to check the condition of your HVAC system. If they are still intact, you may have to assess the status of your air handling units, particularly their blower or fan. Failure to resolve this issue may only lead to a place that is uncomfortable to work in.

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